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Drawings and Paintings

by Cherie Roshau

       These are only a few of my drawings and paintings.  I enjoy challenging myself with a variety of textures.  Creating the  illusion of leather inserted into the buckle and embellishing the various positions of leather in the bridle is an obsessive enjoyment for me.  I paint most animals, but have discovered that my knowledge and environment have enabled me to study the horse and bison  from life'

"Duke, Snip, Tom and Ted"
Acrylic Painting
Private collection of Cherie & Ken Roshau
Duke, Snip, Tom and Ted.jpg

I am excited to announce that my acrylic 24” x 48” painting is  finished. The title, “Duke, Snip, Tom & Ted” portrays the team of Percherons owned Dave Hayden from  Baker, Mt and Jaylyn Klauzer. They were purchased by Dave Hayden. Dave has worked with these four Percheron’s since bringing them home when they were young. Dave Hayden and Jalyn Klauzer were awarded ’Teamsters of the Year 2022’ in Deadwood at the ‘Days of 76’ whose parade have been in for many years.  This painting was created from my photo from the Days of 76 in Deadwood last summer.   This is a tribute to all our forefathers who depended on these majestic animals for   transportation, construction and agricultural needs of the nation. Though the painting took me three months to complete, I enjoyed the process and study of the horses as well as their harness.  There will be a VERY limited number of fine art giclée's available for purchase very soon.  No more than 50 will be printed at this time by the well known art and photography printer, Jafe Parsons.  Email me at: 

"Rodeo Horses in Contrast"
Graphite Pencil
Private collection of Cherie & Ken Roshau
"Eagle Head Study"
Mixed Media
Private Collection of Brad and Mary Kay Kountz
"Blue Tongue Giraffe"
Acrylic Painting/Mixed Media
Private collection of Allison and Michael Malkowski
"Loyal and Faithful Friend"
Water Color and Colored Pencil
Private Collection of Jacob Wheeling
"Meditation in the Colorado Rockies" (Kenichiro Hashizume)
Mixed Media  (for Sale)
Colorado Magic 023.jpg
Water Color
Private Collection of Dr. James and Cheryl Brooke
Brooke, Teresa.JPG
Shawl Dancer
Acrylic Paintings
Private Collection of Trena Baker
Shawl Dancer 5.JPG
Erving Kelling, Killdeer Cowboy
Graphite Pencil
Personal Collection of Erving Kelling Family
Irving Keeling Killdeer Cowboy.jpg
Jesse and Frank
Private Collection of Lois Bang
Draft Horses.jpg
The Bow Hunter
Mixed Media
Private Collection Jacob Wheeling
"New Orleans Street Musician"
Personal Collection Peg and Jeff Anderson
Mandy's Refuge
Water Color
Private Collection Mandy Wheeling
Bison Royalty
Private Collection Cherie Roshau
2 bisonzzzlarger A (1).jpg
Bronc in Chute
Private Collection Cherie Roshau
Bronc in Chute.jpg
Miles City Horse Race
Private Collection Cherie Roshau
Out of the Chute
Private Collection Cherie Roshau
test SizeA.jpg
Behind the Chute
Mixed Media
Private Collection Cherie Roshau
Circus, the Wild Stallion
Private Collection Dr. Byron Baker
Eight Second Ride
Private Collection 
PrinterEight Second Bronc Ride.jpg
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