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Cherie Roshau, Artist of the Great Plains

               I was born and raised in rural Montana, embedded in the heart of rolling prairies.  I relocated to Dickinson, ND to study art and education. I have spent most of my adult life living on the edge of the mysterious badlands, which Theodore Roosevelt referred to as his “healing place”.  My artistic inspiration is rooted in the environment and its visual stimulation and the delightful people who live here.  The culture is fascinating, romantic, rustic and a place of serenity and spiritual rest.  Like Pablo Picasso, I have experienced several unique artistic periods in my life.  I began with graphite and oil painting and have evolved into acrylic, watercolor, and colored pencil. I often end up with mixed media work as well.  I have enthusiastically experimented with glazing and layering with my acrylic paintings.  I studied art at a four-year university and have studied under nationally known artists through workshops. I have received people’s choice as well as judge’s choice in art shows in Montana and North Dakota.  Recently, my photography was featured in several national news stories (NBC, ABC, CBS, Good Morning America etc.)  featuring my photos of bison in rut in the summer of 2019. It is my hope that you hear my voice through my art. My art is developed from my heart and soul.   I have a deep appreciation for the rich texture in nature and the colors immersed in the earth.  The daily experiences that surround my life, whether it is human interaction or Mother Nature, are the essence of my focus for the blank canvas.  My art is a form of communication, creating ideas and feelings for the viewers. 

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